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GaAs solar concentrator/CIGS

    In the low carbon economy, solar energy is one of the most economical and efficient renewable energy. Along with the science and technology breakthroughs, the development and utilization of GaAs solar concentrator and CIGS are increasing fast for its high conversion and low cost and will lead the next-generation solar cell industry.
    GaAs solar concentrator, namely, using GaAs as its major material which has developed for a long time to reach high conversion and even 50% at its peak. In the past a few years, the production cost and using cost for GaAs solar cell get lower, thus its usable range starts to switch from small use i.e. aerospace and military fields to the scale use of solar power, and becomes more popular.
    CIGS solar cell consists of copper, indium, selenium and gallium. As the third generation of solar cell, CIGS thin film solar cell enjoys the advantages of low cost of production, package and usage and high conversion rate. It becomes one of the most rapidly development solar cell products. With the global active demand of low-cost new energy, CIGS technology is walking out of the lab, and toward the scale manufacturing.
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